Leona Lewis scrutinized for ‘butchering’ performance of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water.'

Viewers weren't happy with Leona's vocals
Former X Factor Queen Leona Lewis was panned for 'butchering' her performance of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' at the Festival of Remembrance on Saturday night. The audio has now surfaced, and the way people went in on her performance had me thinking that perhaps she was mimicking a dying cat being cooked in a microwave. The only issue with her vocals was that she was a bit shaky and pitchy in parts. Also, the arrangement of that song was somewhat off-key, and I would not have went for that. Leona has had problems with her vocals over the years. But just like your Mariah and Whitney's, a vocalist's singing isn't going to be in the same pristine condition as it was in their prime. As you get older, your voice also ages.

So no, I don't think she butchered the song. It just wasn't her greatest, as we've heard so much better from her. Hell, she could even be pregnant as I've heard that too can change vocals. Anyway, I'll leave you with the audio below so you can form your own opinion on it.