Madonna needs to retire.

Concertgoers walk out and ask for refunds
Madonna's 'Madame X' tour is a bust. On Friday night, she didn't start her Vegas show until MIDNIGHT. The show was meant to begin at 10:30PM. Original start time for the entire tour was actually 8:30 and she permanently changed it. Nate Hollander is now suing her and Live Nation due to the change in start times for breach of contract. When she finally got on stage, she delivered a shit show. Her presentation was very slow-paced and lacked energy. The singing was very limited, and she would frequently stop performing just to rant and rave. Madge would also taunt her aggravated audience by calling them "poor." Then torment them with her political views. This resulted in boos and chants for refunds. Some even walked out. And that's not the first time Madonna insulted her fans for reacting in anger.

In 2015, Madonna called her fans "diva bitches" after they booed her for starting a show late. Madge IS essentially the Grandma version of Lady Gaga. She should retire. Your fans pay small fortunes to see you on tour. You simply don't treat them like this.