Tinashe wants to collaborate with Ariana Grande... and Ariana approves.

Are you here for it? 
In a recent interview with Billboard, Tinashe says she would "f*cking love it" if Ariana Grande reached out to her for a collaboration. “We’re the same age and I feel like we kind of make similar music, honestly. We definitely do. I've never met her, but I think that would be the first step.” Oh yeah? Or is it Tinashe is just looking for a commercial come-up, just like the one she received when RCA hooked her up with her idol Britney Spears? Don't bite me, I'm just asking! For all the wrongs they did to that girl, at least they did right by her at THAT time. Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with a collaboration. Actually, I think it could be quite hot, as Tinashe clearly has a good ear for music.

Ariana comes across as a real girl's girl. She's definitely not shy when it comes to female collaborations. She's done looooaaads. And it could even become a regular thing if a close friendship is formed (just ask Nicki Minaj). Judging by recent developments which occurred last night, seems the two ladies may even have interacted behind the scenes if these actions below are anything to go by.

That very tweet was liked by Ariana herself:

And now the pair have just followed each other on Instagram:

Interesting developments indeed. For now, I'll just leave you with some of these 'Songs For You' promos.