Aw, Jennifer Lopez is so happy with her Golden Globes nomination.

"Oh My God!"
Jennifer Lopez couldn't hide her elation at receiving a Golden Globes nomination for best supporting actress in 'Hustlers.' Jen was very emotional as she recalls the last time she got a Golden Globes nomination was 20 years ago for her role in 'Selena.' Matter of fact, Jen was so happy, she uploaded her little speech on social media showing gratitude with her sleep in eye, get-out-of-bed face and didn't even care. It was like looking at a preview of her winning speech should she actually win this award, but at least she will have her cake face on next time. In her video caption, she added that “Hustlers was a labor of love, sweat and perseverance written, directed, produced, edited and starring a group of bad-ass women.” As for the nod, this is big, simply because the Golden Globes oozes major prestige and significance, maybe just as much as the Oscars.

Two times Golden Globe nominee Jennifer Lopez does have an upgraded, more improved ring to it, and now we can bank on her coming for that Oscar nomination for Supporting Actress. Could she actually win a Golden Globe though? I think she is just happy to be nominated because as an actress, she has always been overlooked by the more seasoned actresses in Hollywood. But whose to tell anyone they can't reach for the stars?