Beyoncé was allegedly sexually harrassed by Jagged Edge says her dad, & they deny it.

Selling his soul yet again?
Jagged Edge have responded to claims made by Mathew Knowles that they sexually harassed his then 16-year-old daughter Beyoncé and her bandmate Kelly Rowland. He was doing promoting duties for his new book, ‘Destiny’s Child: The Untold Story.’ This occurred when JE (who were 21 and 22 at the time) and the original DC went on tour together as debuting artists and shared the same bus. When Mathew (who was then their manager) was notified by Kelly as to what was going on, he kicked JE off the tour (JE reflected on this very tour during a 2014 interview but nothing was implied that things took on a sour turn.) As expected, Bey's army of fans started trolling the band's social media accounts with insults and bee emoji's. In a now deleted Instagram post, JE's Brian Casey responded with, “One thing I have learned from my 20plus years in this business and it’s always something. It’s actually funny how far people go to sell something.” This caption was assisted with an imaged quote that said, "A lie don't care who tell it."

Opinions on this has been split. Others think Mathew is just an opportunist still trying to cash in on his daughter, and attaching this "me too" movement for profitable gain. Others think he did what any protective father would do. But I think Mathew's claims are met with much cynicism simply because of the timing. He had 20 plus years to tell this story but chose to sit on it for a rainy day.

Here is a photo capturing the very first time a 16-year-old Beyoncé met her future husband, Jay-Z:
Before anything is implied, Bey did state they didn't start dating until she was about 19-20, but will Mathew's book reveal what he actually thought about a 28-year-old Jay fishing around his daughter at that time, before dating her three years later? Yeah, that's a whole can of worms he really doesn't want to open.