Camila Cabello, apologies only count if they’re sincere.

How many times now?
For the billionth time, Camila Cabello was forced to issue another grovelling apology after unearthed racist posts on Tumblr started making the rounds online.

Her Tumblr account "vous-etess-belle" was removed as fast as yesterday but by then it was too late. Screen shots were posted everywhere which show her reblogging memes using the N-word repeatedly through a comedic angle. The memes perpetuate stereotypes and shades famous musicians like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

Here are some of the disturbing and vile stuff that she posted on her account in 2012:

The actual gif:

Camila, who has a well documented history of derogatory tweets and racist messages online, has apologised for these very unveilings. See her most recent apology below:
But how much more unveilings will take place, before we get another apology? In January 2016, shocking messages (including Facebook messages where Camila calls her former band mate Normani the N-word with “er”) surfaced after hackers leaked it. Camila and her best friends Marielle and Sandra Guzman regularly had open conversations on Twitter where they casually used the N-word and Camila was never fazed by it in the slightest.

For instance:

When those were exposed, the apology came:
The thing is, apologies only count if they’re sincere. Repeating the same action you apologized for emphasizes a complete lack of sincerity.

On August 6th 2016, Normani took a break from social media after being cyberbullied by Camila's fans because she called her "quirky and cute" during an interview with Galore. In her departure letter, Normani explains, "I can't subject myself any longer to the hate." Her skin tone was compared to feces, and her face was photoshopped onto lynched slaves. She was also called various racial slurs and got compared to monkeys during multiple occasions. Cabello didn't put out any public statements telling her fans this was wrong.

Normani recently told Fader that while her 5th Harmony band mates "offered support... I'm not sure they could be there in the way that I needed because it's not their experience. They don't have to face on a day-to-day basis the things that I have to. I definitely learned after that that I had to walk a different way. I can't look like everybody else."

Cabello later went on to endorse the Black Lives Matter movement to cover her racist behaviours:

Oh, she's definetely the female version of Justin Bieber alright. And her boyfriend Shawn Mendes also had to apologise last year when he was exposed for posing racist tweets too:
Two peas in a pod huh? Match made in racist HELL.

It's not even the racist content that I find more shocking. It is the actual consistency of it. I mean, she dedicated an entire page just to ridicule black people, and I will never understand it. People like her, Mendes and Bieber always want to use the classic "I was young and stupid" excuse. But when I was 15, not ONCE did I use racial slurs against another race. This is clearly a learned behaviour. I guess folks can revel in the fact that her 'Romance' album is under-performing. It debuted on the Billboard 200 at #3 with 86,000 units (54,000 in pure sales). Now it's rumoured the album is set to drop out of the top 20 completely. It pays to not be racist.

And K. Michelle has some words too...
I am glad I've never posted this girl's music on my blog. But this will blow over, and black people will still continue to work with her. Soooo, I'm just going to go about my business, and maybe eat some KFC.