Friday, 6 December 2019

Normani for 'Fader.'

Serving young Naomi Campbell teas
Normani covers the latest issue of Fader. She tells the mag how important it is to rep for other dark skinned black women in the pop industry. “Being one of a few black women— but also dark skinned women — given the opportunity, representation is key…who’s to say the next time they give another girl the opportunity? It could be in 10 years. I understand [the importance of] that responsibility. It’s much more than just music,” she says.

It's sad that this is even still an issue. Overly tanned Ariana Grande isn't going to get shut out for being 10 times more orange than Taylor Swift. So why this continues to be an issue for dark skinned black women is very problematic. As a dark skinned black girl, Normani securing her spot as the next big thing is vital! This photoshoot is smoking hot by the way. The images give me early 90s Naomi vibes, and that was at a time when there wasn't much darkskinned black supermodels impacting the scene. Booooy, didn't Naomi thrive back then?! It makes sense why Mani tributed Naomi during Halloween. Mani clearly wants to be to pop music what Naomi was to the modelling world.