Michelle Williams steps out for Xmas Panto Opening.

Cuts a super svelte figure.
Michelle Williams has always been unproblematic. While her DC associates Beyoncé and Kelly (and sometimes Solange) get all the headlines, Michelle just keeps her head down and does her own thing. She recently stepped out for the opening night of Lythgoe family panto's 'A Snow White Christmas' at Pasadena Civic Auditorium, where she holds a supporting role as The Queen.

Now I know Michelle has always been thin, and she is often subjected to skinny shaming. I mean, in 2012, she tweeted, "I've always been skinny. Olive Oyl was my nickname in school, sooooo for the "skinny" tweets that I'm getting..sorry. I love my sample size!" That was almost 8 years ago. And pointing out that someone is too thin isn't an act of nastiness. It's an act of concern. It's no different from telling an obese person that they are overweight and need to hit the gym and diet. I know she suffers from chronic depression and that may be the reason behind the weight loss. It's the thinnest she's been in a while, and the gauntness of her face says it all. Kelly is also thin, but she looks very healthy with hers. I hope everything is okay with her. It's crazy how stress affects different people. Sometimes I comfort eat, and whenever I'm stressed I will just walk into my nearest Maccies and order the biggest burger on the menu.