Alicia Keys for 'Billboard.' | Announcement of new album 'A.L.I.C.I.A.'

Ready for a new era!
Alicia Keys tells Billboard magazine that the title of her upcoming seventh studio album is 'A.L.I.C.I.A.' with the project arriving in 2020. Why not just Alicia if going the self-titled route? Having it worded like that must stand for something like an acronym? OK... ignore me. I'm just being an over-analyzing freak as usual. I kind of look forward to the album because she's Alicia and I hold onto those first two albums like gold despite her current music failing to have me floating into another dimension. So far, her upcoming album has spawned singles 'Time Machine' and the Miguel-assisted 'Show Me Love.' There is also a reason why Alicia has received this Billboard cover.

She will be honored with the American Express Impact Award at Billboard’s 14th annual Women in Music event in Los Angeles on December 12th. And on January 26th, the 15-time Grammy winner will host the Grammy Awards for a second time (so it's almost a certified guarantee we will get a performance too). Her autobiography, 'More Myself: A Journey', is due in the spring. So it seems AK is coming extra hard in the coming months.