JoJo's new video 'Sabotage.'

A surreal journey into 2020!
JoJo sheds some of that emotional baggage of her previous relationship in the official visuals for 'Sabotage', featuring Chika. Soooo, the video is out but... 180,715 views in two days is too little for this level of quality. She definitely deserves the career that Ariana Grande is currently enjoying. When people say she deserves to get her career back, she seems to take offense at it, because it's like implying she didn't have a career to begin with. But what people mean is, she is too talented to be so underrated and to not enjoy the commercial accolades enjoyed by the likes of Ariana. I've always felt this way about Tamia, with Mariah Carey being the much more successful peer. At present, JoJo is now readying her new album, the follow-up to 2016’s 'Mad Love', for a 2020 release.