Jay Z snatches phone from man’s hand (he wanted Beyoncé to dance in peace.)

“Aht Aht!”
A video showing Jay Z aggressively snatching a phone from a man's hand recording his wife Beyoncé dancing with Kelly Rowland and Saweetie has gone viral. The incident took place at Diddy's 50th birthday party in Los Angeles over the weekend. 

Bey and Jay are one of the most famous, if not the most famous (black) couple in the world. So people are always going to intrude on their privacy. We get it. They just want to have fun without having people pointing phones at them. Save that for a concert or something. Anyway, after Jay snatched the phone it looked like a bopping Bey was trying to console the guy by placing her hand on his shoulder. Probably her way of preventing the situation from escalating and showing him it was fine. I mean, I'm not sure I'd have taken that approach because people are always quick to pull a fast one and try to sue in regards to intellectual property. If you're a high profile celebrity, which Jay is, you're more at risk of this happening to you. He is lucky the man wasn't a psychopath. What's hilarious is that the camera man filming this looked to have ran away, lol.

Calmly asking the guy to put his phone away would have been a far better approach. Better yet, there should have been a no-phones policy at the party. That aside, Beyoncé gets criticized for pretty much everything. It's refreshing to see Jay being scrutinized, and not his wife for once. Sometimes the bad guy has to be him.
Jay's facial expression definitely showed he was on the warpath, lol:
Actual footage: