Craig David is still my cup of tea, so leave him alone.

Kicked off New Year’s Eve celebrations.
Why were people acting all depressed over Craig David ringing in the new year with all of his biggest hits?

People were honestly complaining about paying TV licence over this?! Get a life, man! Craig can come to my home and perform a private concert for me any day of the week. Regardless of public opinion, dude smashed his Big Ben set in London last night. Fair play. Are some folks forgetting that the original Drake gave us the UK classic 'Born To Do It'? I mean, it's been 20 years since such greatness was released and that album is one body of work I can never get tired of. Screw the haters, and let my baby be great.

Craig David Rocks Big Ben London - TS5 Live 2020:
I'm not sure if BBC iPlayer will work for US audiences without the use of a proxy. Once this becomes available on YouTube, I will update the post.