Alicia Keys is performing 'Underdog' everywhere now.

Will 'Underdog' remain the underdog?
I can't remember the last time Alicia Keys did some heavy promo for a particular song. Normally, she'll drop a song, premiere the assisting visuals, lets the song die and then drops something new like some sort of recycle wash.

But with her upcoming album, 'Alicia', due March 20th, and a forthcoming UK tour this Summer, she's clearly decided that now isn't the time to blow hot and cold. 'Underdog' is a really cool song, and yes she'd be stupid not to promote it. The Grammy Awards host first performed the track two weeks ago at the Grammys last month but for whatever reason that performance was only made available a few days ago. She's on her UK rounds currently, performing the song on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge (watch on YouTube here), as well as the Graham Norton show (watch on YouTube here.) So all in all, Alicia wants this song to make an impact.

Alicia Keys - Underdog (Official Video):