Alicia Keys clearly wants her book to sell, but do we really care?

Following an interview with People magazine, Alicia Keys has revealed she contemplated aborting her second son Genesis. Ultimately, she decided to move forward with the pregnancy.

In a bid to promote her autobiography 'More Myself,' she claims it wasn't a good time because she was working on her next album. Plus, her husband Swizz Beatz had just gotten into Harvard Business School. I'm not really understanding why we needed to know this (on top of the fact that her son will one day read this). She is rich and married and had all the resources at her disposal to look after a child (even if it wasn't planned.) Unfortunately, a lot of women do not have her privileges when faced with such emotional decisions. I sympathize with them wholeheartedly.


Jasmin S Hall said...

Im just so uninterested in her nowadays smh