Checking in.

Hi all. Hope everyone is doing well during these challenging times. I hardly blog these days, not because I no longer have an interest in it. But because there have been bigger priorities I have had to tend to in my personal life.

With so much free time on my hands now, this is set to change. Our freedoms have been stripped. Social fun has been omitted. We're told not to visit partners so romantic liaisons have been stumped upon. We can't go to work or visit the gym. We can't visit our parents so no family gatherings on a Sunday like some of us usually do. If we leave home, we can only do so on the basis that we're popping out to the shops to buy essentials (food and toiletries.) I comply, because it's for the greater good. Six months from now, when self isolation comes to an end and these restrictions are no longer a thing, we will rejoice together. The smallest things we've taken for granted will mean so much more to us.