Sunday, 1 March 2020

Lady Gaga's new song and video 'Stupid Love' misses the spot.

Pop Gaga is back, but

Lady Gaga's new song 'Stupid Love' (produced by BloodPop and Max Martin) is a bit of a let down. The accompanying visuals looked cheap with lackluster choreography (she was never a dancer but at least she had some fun dances back in the day).

The intergalactic video looking low budget was a given considering that it was shot entirely on the iPhone 11 pro. The monsters have been saying they want ‘pop Gaga’ back and now they officially got her. I think they are just happy about that despite the song sounding like a dated 'Born This Way' reject. She will never be as relevant as she once was, but if she's going to make a return to retro disco-pop, at least make it interesting because as of now Dua Lipa is doing it so much better.

Directed by Daniel Askill: