Beyoncé praises front line workers, but how will YOU celebrate when lock down ends?

Beyoncé made a surprise appearance on‘One World: Together At Home’ a few hours ago to praise healthcare workers on the front lines. She also emphasizes the impact Covid-19 has had on the black community.

No one knows for sure when lock down will be over, although some countries have already eased up on it. In the UK there will be another review on May 7th. I'm interested to know how ya'll plan to celebrate when lock down is officially over? I've decided to binge on KFC for one day, and then spend 7 days a week at the gym. Of course I'll visit my mum (if she'll let me lol, as she's a healthcare front line worker and doesn't have the luxury of staying at home.) When lock down is lifted, coronavirus will still be out there. I imagine things won't completely go back to normal as social distancing contingencies will still need to be met. But as long as I can eat KFC again... well... that's a start in my book!