Marsha Ambrosius' GHOST singing for Justin Timberlake.

If you ever wondered why the vocals and addlibs at the end of ‘Cry Me a River’ didn't match Justin Timberlake's usual nasally twang is simply because the vocals weren't his, period.

They were sung by Marsha Ambrosius, and she's letting ya'll know. The vocally challenged, former N-Sync singer enjoyed major success with the song during his breakout debut as a solo artist. All while dragging his ex Britney Spears in the process. My comfort in this is that baby girl got paid, despite her efforts flying under the radar. I just wish she'd said something way sooner when JT was hot sh*t back then. I mean let's be honest now, no one is checking for JT's music like that anymore.


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Dayvid said...

How did she win a Grammy when it was for “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance” when that award only goes to the singer?

Sadie said...

So she sang background vocals. What’s the big deal??

Toya said...

Some backing vocalists would consider it a low-key win for themselves simply because of their contribution.

Jasmin S Hall said...

Yea so I was def shocked...yet it explained I guess why that outro of the song was such a banger. As a *NSYNC fan I was def Team JC lol

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