Teddy Riley gets called out by SWV songwriter for claiming 'Right Here' remix.

Teddy Riley got called out on Instagram by Brian Morgan, the songwriter who wrote and produced the majority of SWV’s hits.

Morgan says Teddy had NO part whatsoever in the production of the 'Right Here' (Human Nature) remix. He said a producer named Allstar did that remix. However, he doesn't dispute Teddy producing the remix to SWV's 'I’m So Into You.' Allegedly, A&R had Teddy's name slapped on the 'Right Here' (Human Nature) remix for clout as he was a hot commodity at the time.

Teddy took credit for the remix during a Verzuz beat battle with Babyface, which took place on Instagram Live this week. No one knows why Brian Morgan waited almost 30 years to say something, but it couldn't be me. During the battle, Babyface called out Teddy for using his Janet Jackson remix of 'I Get Lonely' (a show highlight). Babyface told him, "I didn’t know we was counting remixes." Adding: "no problem though, cause I don’t do remixes." Ha.


GSW said...

I'm pretty sure Allstar produced "You're the One" as well.