Will Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande's collab be any good?

Lady Gaga has enlisted Ariana Grande for her new album ‘Chromatica.’ The cut, titled 'Rain On Me,' features production by Blood Pop with writing credits from Nija Charles, Rami Yacoub and Ariana.

This is very interesting. Both artists have very different styles. Ariana is more urban pop and R&B, while Gaga leans more towards elecropop and rock. How will their voices mesh together on a record? Methinks Ariana's incoherent mumbling colliding with Gaga's growls and snarls will be quite challenging to the human ear. And before anyone tosses me to the lion's den I'm joking. Two different artists collaborating doesn’t mean the song won’t be any good.


Benny said...

Idk, I think Lady Gaga is in an interesting situation, because you would think that having an Oscar winning song like Shallow would be enough to spark buzz for another Gaga album, but she dropped a single that came & went. I forgot the name of it.

Ariana, despite the Charlie's Angels soundtrack, had a very successful album, the last go round & I feel like she is really coming into her own. It feels like Gaga is trying to ride her wave, even with a recent Academy Award to her credit.

Cloud90 said...

I totally agree but that's because Gaga has lost her sound. She tried so hard to be different that she completely missed the spot. It feels like she is having an identity crisis ever since she lost her original team, which proofs that she is nothing on her own. She was a hype that lasted 3 years and if you look at it she is this generation's Christina Aguilera, whilst she was being compared to Britney and Madonna early in her career, she lost the longevity and the impact those women before her had.

That being said, I am looking forward to this song to be honest, even though the snippet that leaked sounds completely dated and boring. But we will see, maybe Stupid Love was just a misser and will soon be filed a Buzz single.