Britney Spears gets #JusticeForGlory and she's over the moon.

Britney Spears says she's having the BEST DAY EVER now that 'Glory' is the #1 pop album on U.S. iTunes. It currently sits at #4 on the main iTunes chart, and it is selling at FULL retail price!

The project, released in 2016, is her worst selling album to date and the only one not to receive an RIAA certification. But it is by far NOT her worst album. I would put 'Britney Jean' and maybe even 'Femme Fatale' on the lower scale of albums that didn't meet the grade. 'Glory' was definitely a strong body of work. Though not as epic as 'Blackout' or 'In The Zone,' it was an album where I could feel Britney's input through and through. It felt like a proper Britney album.


Anonymous said...

Legend! 21 years into her career and still pulling this off without a discount. If only her fans could get her free from that conservatorship, then we're all happy!

seostar2 said...

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