Britney Spears new 'Glory' cover is making quite the statement.

Britney Spears reveals she changed the 'Glory' cover to celebrate the album’s rise to #1 on the iTunes album chart.

The cover was updated yesterday on all streaming platforms. There is so much sad irony in this photo considering that her fans have launched this widely publicized #FreeBritney movement. Coincidence? Methinks not! We know she has been locked in chains and imprisoned by an abusive conservatorship for quite a long time now.


Croma said...

THIS is exactly what artists should be doing. Surprising fans in any way they can with their craft. It's funny when people say Britney Spears is irrelevant, but 21+ years into her career and all she needs to do is update the album cover of a 4 year old album and it's already charting in 33 countries, #1 in 8 countries and #5 on the World Wide iTunes chart. Sign me out!

XYZ said...

Now she should ditch the slumber party mix off of the album and put the solo version back