Brandy officially announces new album 'B7.'

Brandy's love for her idol and mentor Whitney Houston is simply unprecedented and sweet. I know some people are calling it an obsession, but Brandy loved that woman and no words can describe how much.

Whitney was very lovable, beautiful and iconic. She was loved by many (myself included). As it turns out, Brandy announced her new album 'B7' today, and the gorgeous cover art pays homage to Whitney’s look from The Bodyguard. If you recall, Brandy's last album 2012’s 'Two Eleven' wasn't just a reference to her birthday. It was also the exact day Whitney passed away. That said, B7 is preceded by lead single 'Baby Mama' and the album is due later this year.

Check out her 'GMA' set below.


Anonymous said...

Britney Spears updated her Glory album cover on all streaming platforms!