Doja Cat's career will remain unaffected...

How ironic is this? People defended Doja Cat from Lana Del Rey’s supposedly "racist" antics. Only to discover that Doja might be MORE racist... towards her half black side. 

Video footage supposedly shows Doja participating in alleged alt-right/incel live chats for racist white people. There isn't any substantial evidence to indicate Doja hates black people (screen shots of people claiming what she said and did in these chats don't count because that's all I'm seeing right now). 

However, her participation in these allegedly white supremacy chat rooms would be seen as some sort of co-sign, right? For instance... she is clearly in the chats as footage shows. But there's nothing discriminating that is seen or heard on her behalf. The hashtag #dojacatisoverparty started trending. But whether she is guilty of these claims, nothing is going to happen to this girl's career. 

Chris Brown had a flourishing career after beating Rihanna. R. Kelly still sold millions of records after years of abusing minors. Kanye West had a #1 album after saying slavery is a choice. If she was not cancelled for some unearthed tweets exposing her homophobia five years ago (and scoring a #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 recently), she certainly isn't getting cancelled for this.


Urban Lady said...

That is unfortunately true.

Tasha said...

That may be true unfortunately. However, that unreleased song she uploaded to her sound cloud may prove otherwise. It's called "Dindu Nuffin" look it up... Either way it's a horrible look.