Has Rihanna lost her drive and passion to release music?

Superstar Rihanna is on the UK's music rich list for the first time – but at third place – with £468m, thanks in part to the success of her cosmetics and fashion brand Fenty.

It would appear that eventually Rihanna would just release music here and there to appease the fans. The last time she dropped an album was in 2016, with the horribly campaigned project 'ANTi.' By the way, that album was brilliant, but the rollout encountered some serious f*ck-ups along the way, despite the Samsung tie-in being a good idea. But truth and behold, Rihanna's priority for music has clearly taken a backseat. Why else would it have taken her almost five years to release another album?

Rihanna has been chasing bigger bags than music can give her. She not only wants to rule the world with her ever expanding brand and empire, she wants to be a force in every single way possible. Rihanna is a very ambitious woman. She seems to relish in setting major milestones for herself. Don't even be surprised if one day she becomes the prime minister of her native Barbados. May not happen for a good 20 years yet but I can definitely see it happening.