J.Lo flaunts ripped body.

"If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you..."

She has been the topic of interesting discussion over the weekend. But during quarantine, Jennifer Lopez does what Jennifer Lopez does best. Flaunting her ripped abs in a gym setting, which enviably, most do not have the privilege of doing. How many of you have put on weight with multiple binge eating days while maxing out to Netflix? *slowly raises my hand in shame*


Michelle said...

If you didnt already know, this woman could easily pass for someone in her late thirties.(I dont know if she's had work done, but she looks real and natural) Jenifer Lopez steady changing the narartive of what it means to be a woman in your 50's or 60's!

Toya said...

She takes fantastic care of herself and is very strict about what she eats. I know people are going to say she's rich and has access to all the best trainers and nutritionists, but if you don't have discipline (like she does), then those privileges won't make much difference.