LA Reid on Rihanna switching from Island music to pop: “She’s Madonna.”

This new Vulture interview is serving some real tea. I'm probably going to do one more Rihanna post before clocking out for the night.

It sounded like Rihanna's producer Evan Rogers was worried when LA Reid proposed she record 'SOS,' which completely strayed from her Island sound. I think he didn't want her to be seen as a sell-out for going the pop route and ditching dancehall. Rihanna had worryingly asked if Jay Z would drop her if she didn't get a massive hit prior to 'SOS.' We know he would have done if 'SOS' had been a flop. He didn't think twice about tossing Teairra Mari to the trash can and she was signed around the same time Rihanna was. Luckily for Rihanna, things worked out for the best and she was able to snag that lucrative sponsorship with Nike

Source: Vulture.