Lady Gaga's 'Babylon' accused of plagiarizing Madonna's 'Vogue.'

As soon as I heard Lady Gaga's 'Babylon,' (off her new album Chromatica’ ), I instantly knew this song was going to get hit with claims it rips off Madonna's 'Vogue.' 

Gaga is a
Madonna stan. It wouldn't be the first she has borrowed elements from Madonna's past. Actually, if you listen to her entire album, I'm sure there are songs that are very reminiscent to artists dominant during the 90s house and dance scene.  From what I can hear, 'Babylon' is not an exact carbon copy. Neither is it a blatant rip off, but the influences are definitely there. The spoken word has a similar structure, but other than that...

Feel free to share your thoughts.


marcoringo said...

Heavens to what??? It isnt like gaga doesnt know what shes doing. Since you all want to be stupid because songs sound alike, then i would purposely get in all you all's faces and say, " gossip gossip babble on"

deatheat3r said...

You’re obsessed with Gaga aren’t you?

Too bad Madonna’s last album was such a flop. I had high hopes but she’s just not making exciting pop music anymore. Why not just move on to Gaga? 😂