Mariah Carey pays homage to Billie Frank #JusticeForGlitter

Now that 'Glitter' was made available to streaming services, the lambily spent most of their day exerting their power over Billboard, causing an almost 20 year old (amazing) album to chart again. 

The #JusticeForGlitter movement has even seen Mariah Carey change her Twitter handle to Billie Frank, her character in the film. Mariah never really use to talk much about this soundtrack. At the time, it was a massive commercial failure, she'd suffered a nervous breakdown and her ex-husband was trying to sabotage her career. It's nice to see she's in a better place emotionally and mentally to now embrace such a painful era, which carried so many horrible memories.


Jasmin S Hall said...

Im happy shes at this place too because I always thought this was far from a trash soundtrack...excited its finally available to stream!