Rihanna's Def Jam audition will be featured in her Amazon Prime documentary...

Rihanna's producer Evan Rogers says footage of her Def Jam audition will be featured in her Amazon Prime documentary. 

The streaming service reportedly bought the documentary for $25 MILLION in a deal last year. He recalls to Vulture how Rihanna signed the fastest record deal in history, bypassing the 6-7 weeks of negotiating it would have taken for her type of deal. He brought in lawyers, Scott Felcher and Keith Culter, to help finalise it, while L.A. Reid stayed until it was a done deal.  Interesting! Those guys were hasty as hell. They were excited. They saw something unique in Rihanna, and rightly listened to their instincts. 
Source: Vulture.


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It’s About to Go Down said...

I think she must have some Major deal with Amazon to release the R9 Album along-side the Documentary! I wouldn’t be surprised If the Album came out the same time as the Documentary.

Toya said...

Ya never know...

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