Jennifer Lopez joins #BlackLivesMatter movement...

Yesterday, Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez walked with 50,000 protesters in Los Angeles for the Black Lives Matter movement.

I commend anyone for using their platform to spread awareness. But at the same time, I can see why people would think she's only jumping the bandwagon now. This movement has blown up, and every celebrity has endorsed it. And the thought process? It would look kinda bad if we didn't jump on it too, so let's get loud! Remember her #AllLivesMatter tweet four years ago? It pretty much summed up exactly what J.Lo thought of the Black Lives Matter movement.


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Elle said...'m going to have to call bs on the both of the them.

Jasmin S Hall said...

Lol glad u said it Toya bc my first thought seeing those pics was like hmm ok bye girl