Wednesday, 3 June 2020

*Updated* Lea Michele's Glee co-stars are exposing her alleged racism + she apologizes...

Lea Michele has lost her sponsorship with Hello Fresh after she was exposed as a "racist" bully by her former Glee co-star Samantha Ware

I'm not surprised Lea was outed as a bully towards her black cast mates. As an avid watcher of seasons 1-3, it's been known from THEN she was extremely bitchy on set. Another Glee co-star of hers Naya Rivera, spilled this tea years ago too. Glee writer Ryan Murphy did say he cast Lea because she WAS Rachel Berry without her even being in character. She played this role all too well.

UPDATE: Lea Michele has officially apologized. Read her statement to PEOPLE.

Sam's tweet was also LIKED by Glee co-star Melissa Benoist (CW's 'Supergirl')...
Just like the rest of us, Glee co-star Amber Riley was hilariously like...


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