Rihanna “axes” R9 indefinitely to concentrate on beauty empire...

Rihanna has reportedly shelved plans for her ninth studio album to concentrate on “becoming a beauty billionaire.” Apparently, she's decided there's more money in fashion and cosmetics than in music - especially after Covid-19's disruption in the music industry.

Source is The Sun, so take this "news" with a grain of salt.

Rihanna, who is also preparing the launch of a skincare line, will release R9 when she's good and ready. If Rihanna has lost her passion for music, no artist should feel obligated to put out an album just to please the fans. This is something Rihanna has to want for herself. If she's happy building a billion-dollar empire, let her be happy doing what she's passionate about. Music is not the most lucrative of her income streams and this current pandemic will restrict her ability to tour and promote new music in the most effective way (and that's even if touring is still on her agenda.) This woman is not hurting for money. She can easily retire. Rihanna doesn't have to worry about finances ever again in her life. If at some point, music becomes a thing of the past, at least she had a fantastic run and the Navy should be proud of that.