Britney Spears addresses posting “old” pictures on Instagram

Britney Spears probably wins the crown for notoriously  becoming a repeat offender of reposting the same Instagram photos of herself over and over.

It's not really a big issue, given that she's going through some serious conservatorship issues right now. With Instagram, people are given the freedoms to post whatever they want and how many times they want. The unfollow button is just one easy click away for those that hate to see it. The recycling of such pics appears to even come with reason.

A lot of those recycled pics have featured roses in them and Britney posted a new video in her Instagram stories to announce 'Project Rose.' Nobody knows exactly what Project Rose is... but widespread curiosity has been piqued.


SuxMyCockiness said...

So sad 😞 She always looks so stressed out nowadays. I hate what the entertainment industry has done to her, but at least she’s already made her mark in music history. Still optimistic she’ll find her glow again