Yay!: Mariah Carey's original Firecracker sample of 'Loverboy' is coming!

I can't wait to hear the original version of Mariah Carey's 'Loverboy.'

This is the Firecracker sample Mariah intended to use in 2001 for her 'Glitter' cut before her ex-hubby Muggy Mottola reportedly snatched it for Jennifer Lopez's 'I'm Real.' As a result of this, MC had to make do with sampling Cameo's 'Candy,' prior to Mottola snidely rush releasing J.Lo's. It's the reason why Mariah has been on this lengthy 'I Don't Know Her' rampage over the years which has literally birthed one of the most famous memes of all time, lol.

The original version of 'Loverboy' can be heard on her upcoming new album 'The Rarities,' due October 2nd. It will feature a legion of unreleased material to commemorate her 30 years in music.