Mariah Carey drops a music video for 'Save The Day.'

Mariah Carey released a music video for 'Save the Day' honouring female tennis stars. Whoever put the video together clearly wanted to remind everyone that black women play tennis.

I appreciate the concept, though THIS isn't quite what I expected. Since STD (pun intended) is celebrating Mariah's 30 years in music, she could have done much better than this. And I'm not quite understanding why Lauryn Hill has a 'featuring' credit. Lauryn does NOT feature on the song but a rather annoying voice sample. I love the idea of an MC and Lauryn Hill collaboration, but this isn't it.

Mariah's new album 'The Rarities' drops October 2nd.


Lauryn said...

I have a feeling Lauryn demanded that Mariah memtioned her name. It makes no sense otherwise. Mariah is praising Lauryn everywhere that she thankful that she wanted to do this together. You can hardly hear Lauryn at all. And in the video Mariah even lips her Haha.

The video is a mess. Mariah in that dress around the car it just random. I love the tennis parts, but the Mariah parts are weird. I wish she would have gone more creative with the empowering message of the song.

I love Mimi, but this was just a waist of a great opportunity.

Toya said...

Totally agree.