Toni Braxton considers Mariah Carey for #Verzuz battle...

Toni Braxton says that if she was going to do a Verzuz battle with anyone it would have to be either Mariah Carey or Mary J. Blige. Does Toni REALLY want to go up against thee Mariah Carey? Mariah would eclipse Toni in a battle. She has 19 #1 songs, not to mention the countless other top 10 and top 20 hits under her belt. Mariah's only true competitor was unfortunately Whitney Houston.


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nil said...

Toni should only go against Mart J Blige, not Mariah.

Mariah should just sit there by herself Mariah vs Mimi (originals vs Remixes) hahah

Lauryn said...

I agree, Mariah's only competition is Mariah. I love Whitney but her catalogue is not in the same league. She too was in a lane of her own.

As for Toni vz Mary. I could see that. I saw a fan made playlist for it which actually made sense. I think Toni just added Mariah for exposure.

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