Kelly Rowland pays homage to Janet Jackson in 'Bad Hair.'

Horror flick 'Bad Hair' aired on Hulu last night and it's been getting some serious traction on social media. Kelly Rowland's new movie really is a horror film about bad hair. *face palm* Kelly delivered some serious Janet Jackson homage, while taking on the role as an 80's pop singer. She recorded three new songs exclusively for the film, and let's just say all three bops definitely channelled that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis sound. They are very Janet-esque from the 'Control' era! Everything was 80's-era Janet inspired, from the music right down to the choreography and styling! Check out a dance clip and the three new songs below.

Kelly Rowland channels Janet Jackson (Usher cameo):
'I Get It' by Kelly Rowland:
'So You Know' by Kelly Rowland:
'One Night' by Kelly Rowland:


Unknown said...

I love Kelly she's beautiful, classy & talented... She stay booked.