Britney Spears | Two makeup artists spill on imprisonment

Maxi, the makeup artist that worked with Britney Spears on the 'Slumber Party' video appeared on a podcast yesterday. He says the conservatorship team has physically stopped Britney from getting pregnant, getting married and having any friendships. Despite Britney making all of her Instagram posts, a social media team is still required to approve them. She also doesn't see her kids as much as she'd like to. This woman is practically living like someone in a vegetable state (someone with zero rights). And that's not a dig at the severely mentally disabled. The podfast follows an interview Billy Brasfield did with Vogue Brazil, who said similar things. Brasfield, Britney ’s makeup artist during 'The X Factor',  revealed that the singer was forbidden by her father to receive visits from her co-workers Demi Lovato and Khloe Kardashian and lived in isolation.

How do you "physically" stop someone from having a baby?! Did they force her to have an implant or something? Isn't that like some sort of next level violation? The f*ck? 

Maxi is also the friend of Britney's boyfriend Sam Asghari.