Monica performs new single 'Trenches' at HBCU Experience...

Monica may have just turned 40, but her vocals have not aged much. Shiiiiit. I've even grown to like 'Trenches' too, despite its regression. Oh well.

Over the weekend, she took to the stage to perform new single 'Trenches' and old but gold hit 'So Gone' at the Essence/Pepsi HBCU Experience. Essence and Pepsi have launched 'She Got Now' to celebrate and honour students and the greatest achievements of young black women. It highlights the incredible culture of the nation’s top HBCUs. Mo's performance was cute, and we even get new addlibs and riffs here and there. 

New album 'Trenches' drops November 20th!


Mekhi said...

Yeah! I feel the same.. I was not that enthusiastic at first but now i wake up with this tune stuck in my head!!