Alicia Keys, Brandy & Toni Braxton | Snubbed by Grammys.


Several female R&B artists were heavily snubbed when the Grammy nominations were announced earlier today. 

Brandy's ‘B7,’ Kehlani’s ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t,’ Toni Braxton‘s Spell My Name,’ Teyana Taylor‘s The Album,’ and Alicia Keys‘ ‘Alicia’ all got shut out. And their fanbases are crying foul. 

Toni had a nice album despite zero impact, and Alicia's single 'Underdog' is probably one of her strongest offerings in like... a century! Brandy held her own too. They ALL did, actually. 

Do you think they deserved their dues?


Lauryn said...

The Grammys must have gotten Covid cause they lacking taste!

Especially Brandy deserved at least a nomination. It's ridiculous how the grammys have been slippin. But it's nothing new and has been going on for years. Charts and awards have become meaningless.

Sven said...

I thought Brandy's album wasn't that good, but I loved Alicia's! said...

I truly didn’t care for Brandys album. I gave it 2 spins and wanted my money back. Toni’s was ok. Not like sex and cigarettes. I’d like to do a few pop songs along with the R&B. Alicia had some decent singles. Underdog was catchy. They played it all the time on that Alexa commercial.