Aubrey O’Day as Cardi B...

Some folks really do set themselves up for an epic dragging, assuming they must clearly be use to it by now. Maybe they've grown to like it. After all, publicity is publicity no matter how negative. 

So when it comes to Aubrey O’Day, negative press is still good press. Her name is getting out there. It may only materialise when she's ranting on social media, heavily photoshopping her pics or being papped looking totally unrecognisable. But as the saying goes, publicity is publicity. This time, she (seemingly) photoshops her head onto Cardi B's body while recreating the rapper's 'WAP' look for Halloween. Fans are not oblivious to the botched (paint-like) airbrushing, and have even noticed the exact same peacock tattoo that Cardi also has on her left thigh (dead giveaway). The snatched physique posted on Instagram (1, 2) is a far cry from the unfiltered pap photos published in September, and social media users are always quick to remind her of that fact.