Britney Spears | 'Swimming In the Stars' due January 2021 ('Glory' B-Side) ♫♫

Urban Outfitters are gearing up to exclusively release a previously unreleased Britney Spears song from the 'Glory' era titled 'Swimming In the Stars.' It will be made available as a 12" vinyl two weeks before heading to digital and streaming platforms. A snippet was also released (listen below.) 

Though the song can be ordered today, the single won't be shipping until January 15th. 

The timing is suspicious as hell. Definitely a money grab, but did her label authorize it? They must have. Reports state Britney will not perform or resume her music career for as long as her father is still in control of her career. Then one day later, a "new" music announcement comes about. Nice way to pull on the heart strings (and pockets) of her fans worried she may never release another new song again...