Christina Aguilera signs with Roc Nation management.

Fans are smelling a comeback of sorts now that Christina Aguilera has quietly signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation management.

In light of this news, she was previously managed by industry executive Irving Azoff, since 2000. That's 20 years of service dissolved, so it's clear Christina thinks Azoff has served his purpose. 

A prospect of a comeback is exciting, but it's something Christina has to be passionate about on her own terms. Otherwise this new development means nothing. She's been very lacksey daisy over the promotional methods of her projects, often ditching them after releasing a song or two. 

2 Comments: said...

She truly could become relevant again if she learns to control her voice. She comes in at 10 on every song. Its like she is trying to prove to everyone that she can sing. We know she can sing. We know she has a power voice. Not everyone with a power voice starts and ends every song with their power voice.I listened to her new rendition of Reflection, and was so upset that she butchered her own song. In earlier songs, she practiced more restraint with her voice. Not sure I can take another album of her screaming—and I’ve legally bought all of her albums to-date.

Toya said...

Christina's problem has always been lack of vocal restraint, and not knowing when to use power belts where necessary.