Doja Cat: "New album to drop next year" | Discusses PLT line.

The year 2020 is certainly a year Doja Cat
would like to put behind her, as she pushes forward to release new projects. 

She discusses her PrettyLittleThing collaboration, and third studio album with WWD. She confirms the album will be out next year.
“[The album] has a lot of different vibes on it. It’s a little more consistent [than ‘Hot Pink’], but there are still some things I wanted to experiment with as far as funk and disco. There’s a lot more slower songs on it, too. It’s not mostly slower songs, but there’s more than the last one. It’s a sexy album. It’s a sexy little vibe, and I’m excited to get it out.”
Having Doja Cat experiment outside of the disco/funk concepts will definitely add more dimensions to her artistry. As far as the fashion front goes, she is also looking to bring vibrant colours to her PLT line in the Spring. 

Doja's style is somewhat unique. Maybe even a little questionable at times! In deed, it will be interesting to see how her personal style translates via her own fashion line.