Doja Cat's #AMAs performance | Kelly Rowland's new single 'Hitman.' ♫♫

Kelly Rowland dropped a new single over the weekend, called 'Hitman.'  

The Oak Felder produced cut will feature as the NFL’s 'Song of the Season,' and appear on her EP ‘K’ due December 4th. A music video for the song will reportedly get a YouTube red carpet premiere. Releasing a redundant EP after making fans wait seven years for a full studio album is kind of tone deaf on Kelly's behalf pregnancy or not! Nonetheless the song is a bop, and Kelly's use of that Fela sample is great. Gotta love a song full of horns and funk!


Doja Cat who has practically saved Award Show season with her diverse range of performances, toned it down some for her American Music Awards performance last night. Perhaps because she is only the featured artist on Bebe Rexha's 'Baby, I'm Jealous,' and it wouldn't go down so well had she outshined the main artist. 

Bebe Rexha and DojaCat perform their song 'Baby, I'm Jealous' at the 2020 AMAs:
Doja Cat wins New Artist of the Year at 2020 AMAs:
Kelly Rowland drops new single 'Hitman':


Anonymous said...

Kelly Rowland is independent now so we all gotta support this beautiful black sister, The NFL just posted her all over there instagram & twitter for HITMAN.