Keyshia Cole shades BET networks over no awards.

I don't know the origin of Keyshia Cole selling fish dinners outside the BET Awards. 

All I know is that it's been a long running Twitter joke for several years now, and I die laughing every time. I think someone was trolling her due to the fact that she's never won a BET Award despite performing multiple times. 

That, as well as the Grammy Awards not caring to show her any love either. And now BeyoncĂ© is getting blamed for winning in ALL the categories despite the massive success of her debut. That chick is clearly upset because she gave BET all those ratings half a century ago and they still pissed in her face. 

KC took to her Instagram story to repost a message highlighting her success in the 2000’s and how she never received a BET award:


Anonymous said...

It is really surprising that she has no awards because there was a good period where Keyshia was undeniable.

Lauryn said...

Awards and charts don't mean a thing. Keyshia has made some great songs that I still listen to.
There are a lot of artists with awards and number ones that have not made any music you can listen to years later.