Lady Gaga pleads with Donald Trump to concede.

Following today's announcement that Joe Biden has become President-elect, Lady Gaga has asked Donald Trump to concede. 

No one knows why she even bothered to waste her keystrokes. Asking him to concede holds just as much weight as trying to eat a bowl of water with a fork! His ego, arrogance and narcissism would never allow him to bow out gracefully. It would not surprise me if he barricaded himself in the White House as an act of protest. Even on inauguration day, he will STILL be singing the same old tune (of being robbed) despite Biden winning fair and square. Hell, Trump should record a pop record with the same message as he's been super consistent with his claims. I'm sure his supporters would help it become a hit since he loves his ego being stroked so much. For almost an entire week, this man has committedly made false claims about fraudulent votes and has yet to accept the results. IF by chance he does concede, I'll consider myself shocked!