Leona Lewis for 'Stella' magazine (cover spread.)

Leona Lewis hasn't released an album in five years. This new magazine cover for 'Stella' (an extension of The Telegraph) reads like she just announced a bleeding new single. 

They make note that this is her first UK interview and photoshoot in five years.  I'm completely baffled at the headline, "she's back." I mean, back with WHAT exactly? Other than plans to re-release her massive 2013 Christmas single, 'One More Sleep,' the assisting article doesn't mention that she's planning to drop new music or even record it. Though it mentions she is using lockdown to write music. Unfortunately, that's been happening for a few years now and nothing has come of it. Back in June, she went on Instagram Live where she told fans that she's "scratching the surface" when it comes to new music. Many of us that still follow her are well aware she has her little private gigs here and there. However, she's clearly not interested in her music career any more. Her “comeback” for 'I Am' was lowkey and quiet. Maybe she's accepted she's never going to enjoy the commercial acclaim and success of 'Bleeding Love,' and is just content with blissful married life. It's also cool she holds no ill will towards her former X Factor boss Simon Cowell after she departed his Syco label due to creative differences a few years prior. 

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Simon. He’s a lovely, funny guy. But things change. As an artist you have to be true to yourself and follow the direction your music takes you,” she says. As for what the future holds career-wise, she's made her coins, and sometimes that's enough.