Little Mix cover 'YOU' magazine.

Little Mix continue the promo for new album 'Confetti' by doing a cover spread and interview for 'YOU' magazine. Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Jade and Perrie talk media scrutiny, trolls, and sexist double standards.

They also reflect on how much the industry has changed them and how they've grown as businesswomen. Jesy was very candid about her suicide attempt, and the uphill battle of dealing with personal insecurities. "Our innocence was stolen..." she says. “Before we got in the group, I never looked at myself and thought, “I don’t like that” – I don’t think any of us did. I never thought, “Oh god, I’m fat”, and then we got in the industry, and we all started wanting to change things about ourselves. It’s so sad.” 

These girls were thrust into the limelight as teenagers after their X Factor victory in 2011. They had no idea how much complicated their lives would become prior to the fame and everything else that came with it. Self-consciousness is there, then becomes magnified 10 times over once the fame comes along. A car crash waiting to happen. Doesn't help that Jesy was considered "the fat one," and was often trolled for it, despite her size 12 being as normal as normal can be. As for scrutiny, some youngsters are just better prepared for it than others, not to say it makes it any easier. Though she does appear to acknowledge her life is not a bad one by any means. Truth is, the road to success is never a smooth path. Taking the rough with the smooth is all part of the journey. 

Check out their entire interview here.